Thursday, September 26, 2013

Every relationship has a downside.

As we all know... every relationship has a downside. You know. The first time you see your lover without makeup. They haven't brushed their teeth. The first time they get angry at you...

Well, I am having that moment with Diva. I am seeing a side to her that I don't really appreciate. Most of it goes back to this stupid pin they give you with your purchase. I don't know why it bugs me so much. A stupid flower pin that says Diva. Who are they marketing to? I know all different types of women use a menstrual cup but why does their marketing have to be so fru fru? <--- not sure that's a word/phrase but it seems fitting. Now that I'm diving into research I feel like Diva Cup is the McDonald's of menstrual cups. That bugs me. I don't regret buying a Diva Cup, I think it's a fabulous product but I am bothered by their corporate approach on marketing.

Another thing... Why are you telling your consumers that the product only lasts one year? The business of menstrual cups isn't highly profitable, I get that, but where is your customer loyalty? Where is your loyalty to the environment? I'm no scientist, but I have a feeling that replacing your cup every year is harmful to the environment. I'm pretty sure that silicone isn't biodegradable. I have no plans of replacing my cup in a year. I think their sole purpose is to have returning customers and I think it stinks. I do not like huge monster corporations. I think those monsters kill the small little companies with great values and customer loyalty.

Let me get this clear.... I'm not breaking up with Diva. I just am past the honeymoon phase and am seeing a side to her that I don't like so much. I wish I had dated more before diving into this serious relationship.

So that's what's coming... I am going to start seeing other people to see if this is the relationship for me. I hope Diva understands. :)

Thanks for reading! 
xo - S

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