Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Secret Cult Society. Should We Have a Secret Handshake?

You period. My period. Every woman's period. We all go through it and we've been going through it for hundreds of years. It shouldn't be considered gross. We shouldn't be so hushed about it!

When you're a young girl and you start your period, your mother gives you two choices. Pads. Tampons. Which, actually for me, tampons were not an offered choice... 
for all the reasons that are untrue: it is an immodest choice, you will no longer be a virgin, etc. Tampons were not even something found in my house. I should mention that when I started my period I was completely alone. My mother and grandmother were not the greatest communicators. It was most definitely a hushed subject. Shameful and gross.

I am hoping to make this blog an open line of conversation... I am so hopeful to see the amount of young women opening up these lines of communication. It seems so different than when I was young(er).

Thanks for reading! 
xo - S

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