Monday, September 30, 2013

Medium Me Luna Sport in Pretty Purple! [UPDATE]

Hello Me Luna!!

Meet my new friend, Me Luna. I shall call her Luna for short. :)

I got her today in the mail and I quickly realized that she is way to small to use for my entire cycle. She will be a great last-day-of-my-cycle cup. I also usually wear my cup an additional day after my period to be safe. 

I took Luna on a dry run this afternoon and she was so comfortable! I even went to the gym while wearing her!! This has been an issue for me. I've been scared to wear a cup to my gym because I was terrified it'd pop out!! Well, to my disbelief, I literally forgot I had Luna in! I was surprised. Squats & lunges and no issues at all. Woohoo!! 

So, specifically about Luna... Lets start with the packaging. It's very simple. A thick plastic bag with the above photographed items. Very simple instructions, photos of all the different colors Me Luna offers, Luna, and the pouch. I must say that the pouch is my favorite. In fact, My Diva and Luna now live in the pouch. 

I got the Sport variety which is the label which identifies the stiffness. I believe it is stiffer than the Classic. It is so different than my soft Diva... Along with the small size (compared to my size 2 Diva) and the stiffness I was worried it'd be hard to fold but it wasn't! I only have had my Diva this whole time so I feel like I have had my eyes opened to a whole other world!

Let's talk ring grip... I am still unsure about the ring grip. This isn't a complaint about the product, I am simply not used to it. Since the cup is a smaller size, it sits up higher than my long Diva, and the ring grip isn't the easiest for me to fetch. I found myself bearing down to get it as low as possible so I could coax it out with the ring. Please remember, this was during a dry run... things tend to be a lot more pliable during "the big show".

I have to say that my favorite option Me Luna offers is the pretty colors. I know, it seems trivial, but it's important to me! I like pretty things. Especially things that make not-so-pretty-things a little more pretty. We are women. This will be my favorite cup simply because it's purple. LOL!!

Overall, I'd give this cup 6 out of 10 stars. It is not the ideal size for me but that's my fault, not Luna's. 

I am expecting more little gifts to be coming in the mail in the next couple of weeks. I will let y'all know what I think once I open them. I also plan on doing a 6 month review once I get a good feel for the products.

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After using the cup for a couple days I realize that I prefer silicone cups to TPE. I just prefer the overall feel to silicone.

After further use, I would give the MeLuna Sport (M) 5 out of 10 stars. The thing that lowered the score for me was the TPE (material it's made from. I don't really care for it and much prefer silicone and especially latex.

Thanks for reading!
xo S

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