Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hi Diva Cup. Be kind.

My first entry left you with a cliff hanger. I went to the store and purchased my Diva Cup (& Wash).... Let's start from there.

I was in my small town grocery store. Completely confused and unsure. It seemed like a pretty steep purchase ($29.99 + $9.99 for the Wash) with a zero return policy. I live on a very tight budget and just felt like I was about to take a major plunge... and plunge, I did!

With my Diva Cup in my brown paper bag, I smuggle it upstairs so my husband doesn't see it. Why? Because he would NEVER get it! I didn't want to have that conversation when I didn't even know the happs. 
I opened the package. What am I getting myself into?! Can I do this?
I read the instructions. Ummm okay. I think I can do this...
I looked at the pin. Really? A freakin' pin? This is lame.
I looked at the cute little pouch. I love the pouch!
I picked up the cup. Squishy! The circumference is a little daunting. Thankfully it's so bendy. I can't wait to give this a go. I mean, it better work since I paid $40.00 for this experiment! 
I had to give it a go, even though it wasn't that time of the month. So, in the bathroom I go... what was that fold again? Oh! The "C Fold" that one was easy to remember! Here's the thing. It is quite tricky to get the thing to pop open once it's in. It took some adjusting and readjusting to get it right. Once it was in correctly I felt like dancing. I felt like I had accomplished something. I left it in an hour and had a little discomfort. 

I was so excited to start my period!!! I want to try my new toy for real. I'm cracked.

Thanks for reading! 
xo - S

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